Iberian Pig Quality Control


Miratonda S.L. is one of Spain’s first companies to have gained the ?Certificación de la Norma de Calidad del Cerdo Ibérico?(Certificate of Quality Control over Iberian Pigs) which reaffirms and guarantees the quality of our products. Quality control is carried out by ?Certicar? (CP/NCI/004/04) in accordance with Spanish Royal legislative decree 1469/2007.

When, in April 2004, the new laws regarding quality control over Iberian pigs came into force, the majority of producers in the sector were not prepared to put them into practice. This was not our case: by the beginning of 2003 we had already begun to compile information about the characteristics of the new guidelines and, after a year of preparation, by the beginning of 2004 we were fully prepared to take these changes in our stride. When finally in April 2004 the legislative changes came into force we were granted our first seal of quality control by Certicar.

Gaining official certification has not been easy. It has taken a great deal of hard work and continues to be demanding. Bringing together all the necessary elements to achieve a satisfactory result is a complicated task, but we are 100% commited to obtaining the best results. It isn’t easy to work with Iberian pigs on a day-to-day basis but we are fully commited to the demands of our profession. It is a source of great pride for us to have gained official certification which authenticates our products as being of top quality and also to be one of the first producers in our field to be able to comply with all the legal guidelines.