The Iberian Pig


The iberian pig is a special breed of the domestic pig that is native to the Iberian Peninsula. Her history and evolution is conected to the acorn and to the pastures of the Spanish Southwest. They stand out for their capacity to accumulate fat under their skins and to infiltrate it into their muscles, wich turns in exclusive the products that come from these animals. Normally, they are pigs with black skin, however there are some animal with other colors. They have short hair or no hair, long and straight snout, ears narrow and sloping forward and a thin and high legs. The Iberian pig lives in freedom. The are all day walking for the pasture and they feed of herb, wild fruits and of the famous acorns. This one is the only way of obtaining the totally natural products that offer these incredible animals, and thus, Miratonda can offer to his customers the best products proceeding from the Iberian pork.