Iberian Ham Consevation

jamonerias miratonda guijueloThe conservation and the cut of the Iberian ham are two important elements to keep in mind to obtain a major enjoyment of the product.

The slices must be small and thin, and must contain something of intramuscular fat to do more juicy the piece. The edges must remain always clean, hereby the bad flavors will be avoided.

The internal temperature of the ham is in his ideal point when it is between 23º and 25 ºC, so it is advisable to temper the ham for a couple of days instead of consuming at the same moment of take the ham of the cellar. It is also advisable to consume the ham at ambient temperature (between 20º- 25º C) to apreciate better his flavor.

The piece should be stored in a dry place and with temperature next to 15º, it is necessary to avoid hang it outdoors. It must be covered with the bacon leftover of cutting the ham, hereby his juiciness will remain. 

The Iberian ham must be cut in time before tasting it, because when it comes into contact with the air begins to lose some of its qualities.