Autumn, begins the “Montanera”

The “Montanera” is the epoch during with the Iberian porks feed with acorn in the field. His duration depends on diverse factors, but it is possible to say that it begins in October and extends until March. In this period it is when the blockheads and oaks give his fruit, the acorn, and it is when Iberian pork eats acorn and they puts on  weight.

The climatological factors influence the quality os the “Montanera”. The fruit of the oaks and blockheads can be more or less abundant and It can have more or less quality depending on the year.

Hereby It is possible to say that the montaneras ,and therefore the Iberian pork, work for add.

During this period the porks have to fatten 46 kilograms eating acorns and to happen at least 60 days in the pasture to be considered “pork of acorn”.