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The factory of sausages and ham Miratonda is located in Guijuelo (Salamanca, Spain). The company specializes in developing high quality products from the Iberian pig. Also, the are five stores in Burgos, Valaldolid and Bilbao, where a personalized and professional service is offered. The company can offer its products outside of Spain.

The importance of eating meat

The meat is the main source of protein and vitamin that have the body to get a good diet. These proteins has high quality, because they contain all the proteins and amino acids to support the healthy and strong body. The pork meat has been seen for a long time as the great enemy by the people who want to lose weight. However, there was only the lack of information about his nutritional values. One of the myths is that the pork meat has a lot of fat. It is not true, the 65% of the fat is removed in…
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Miratonda Products in Tierra de Sabor

 Los productos Miratonda entran a formar parte de la prestigiosa marca “Tierra de Sabor”. La finalidad de esta marca es garantizar la calidad diferenciada del producto que la posea; distinguiendolo en el mercado del resto de productos agroalimentarios, ya que cumple con determinados requisitos de calidad exigidos por la Consejería de Agricultura y Ganadería de la Junta de Castilla y León. Esta marca es muy apreciada por los consumidores en toda España, y especialmente en Castilla y León. Todos los productos que llevan el logotipo de “Tierra de Sabor” son reconocidos como productos de alta calidad por los consumidores. Ahora…
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Autumn, begins the “Montanera”

The “Montanera” is the epoch during with the Iberian porks feed with acorn in the field. His duration depends on diverse factors, but it is possible to say that it begins in October and extends until March. In this period it is when the blockheads and oaks give his fruit, the acorn, and it is when Iberian pork eats acorn and they puts on  weight. The climatological factors influence the quality os the “Montanera”. The fruit of the oaks and blockheads can be more or less abundant and It can have more or less quality depending on the year.

Nutritional and Energetic Value of the Iberian Ham

Nutritional and Energetic Value of the Iberian Ham and his difference with the white ham. Numerous studies have demostrated the beneficial properties that the comsuption of Iberian ham has on our body. Now we will see why this product, turned in funtamental for the meditarranean diet, has such a positive effect on the health of consumers. The fundamental key of the nutritional value of this products is its special composition of protein and fat; their wealth in certain minerals and vitamins and their facility to be digested.   


As well as the Iberian pif is very important for the sustainability of the pasture because of without them It doesn´t exist. Miratonda has wanted to contribute with the environment and has carried out a project of ecological sustainability. The company has changed his factory to be capable of being supplied of solar power. In this way helps a little to leave a better and more enviromentally friendly future. In the following images we can see the process of change the has taken place Miratonda. 

Iberian Shops

The Iberian pig offers much more than ham, shoulder and loin. The fresh meat of the Iberian pork is obtaining a major recognition in the last years. These products are only sold in specialized butcher´s shops, and this kind of establishments have gone in increase in the last times.